Monday, April 2, 2012

so like, this morning i woke up earlier, and was reading a maths textbook, and that was the last question in the paper, and i was like ceeeeeeeeeeeeebs, so im hoping for...part marks (?)

the mc was asdgfhjkl. oh well.

it's quite hard refraining yourself to talk about the paper, in class teacher somehow "comes across" you talking about it.


MY MUM AND BROTHER WENT TO COSTCO TODAY! and my uncle's friend paid, and they went using my uncle's card. i think he's been to like 7 costco's in the world. quite impressive.

yay for jelly belly! had like 4 just then. also for dr pepper! my bro was going on how cooool it was and you can't describe the taste through words...then my uncle gave me some jap lollies to try. yummmm. and also chips, except they didn't get 1kg. and creme eggs! i've never had a massive one before. eating 10 lollies before dinner =/
sizzling cinnamon (:
and i had a donut just before dinner as well...sugar overload....
food makes me happy (:

just had some dr pepper. it wasn't as nice as my brother said it was, and yeah, i can't describe it cyberly.

i bet they on purposely put eng in the second week, to make us have a min seven day exam period.

and just found out, the limited edition kit-kats come from different provinces in Japan. only particular places have that particular flavour.

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