Tuesday, April 24, 2012

and another term begins

yesterday night when i was looking over my timetable, i saw i had a double free in the morning. so was full like yes!!!!!! because i could continue reading (;

i finished! i'm glad i finished before HSC ended. honestly, i think they were the only fiction books i've read since yr 11 (apart from Inheritance because who doesn't like Eragon?, and apart from school books...) i still have awesome books waiting for me after HSC (:

the ending wasn't that bad like my bro said. they should have said what jobs Gale and them does. can't stop thinking about twilight. SERIOUSLY GIRL CHOOSES OVER 2 GUYS then the kids come...and they live happily ever after....except in twilight, it just involves vampires and bears...
Peeta didn't fully die. (so what my bro said wasn't fully wrong..)
i kind of hate books when the author kills of the main/important characters...

yeah, 3rd book completely different, but i still like it

i think i will re-read the triology cause i skim read some parts, esp end of book 2 and middle/part of end in book 3...sometimes i do hate interior monologues...it was such a dialogue-y book so it felt weird at times when no one talks...

well that ends 5 days of my hunger games fever. it was surprisingly satisfying.

you know, i got the exact same mark for phys and chem half-yearlies. my mark was actually "good" in chem, since everyone does "bad"
but in phys, it's a realllllllllllly crap mark. probs cause a million people got 100 (well a couple) and then helps in 90% or maybe it's just this year science peeps are smarter than last years
i hope it's the latter. please guys, pull me uppppppppppp.

and i walked past the agent for next door's home today and he was really cheerful. i guess you have to be nice to people if you want to sell homes... actually people who try to sell expensive stuff to you are more nice

i quite like baulko's ANZAC services, maybe the cadets give it a different touch. i'm pretty sure there was more sitting this year since i could see the stage more

ohh, and i saw an old girra eng teacher promoted to baulko. i hated her, she was such a bad teacher. had her for like one and a half years...horrible. it was really awkard cause she was like "i remember you" pretty sure she won't teach seniors. my bro's school having it on thursday, how strange

with the increasing amount of people getting their P's, i have to park further down the road if i don't reave the house earlier ):

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