Sunday, April 15, 2012

KYCK 2012-Here I Stand

my second and last kyck. it was good, different, but was a really worthwhile to take time off studying. for those who don't know, kyck is a Christian convention (there are also some non-Christians), about 2000 people in one massive tin shed, with a kind of concert-ish atmosphere.

the atmosphere was really great, everyone fully pumped. new band this year. it was different, a lot of things were different. i think the sound was louder this year and the place for the mosh pit was bigger, except i didn't go in it this year...

and i took heaps less photos this time, i think the huge excitement from the first year kind of wore off...

but i liked the speakers (: and sam chan who i've also heard a couple of times at RICE so i knew he was good/funny/can relate to asians. the One Direction references over the weekend were soo leader full pumped One thing for over 15mins in the car....i have the tune stuck in my car =/

i really liked the how they separated the talks into doctrines....really down to the point, and easy to understand. i really love how all their talks are suited to teens...ahh, the songs were really good (: i guess it's good to learn new songs, except i think the words on the screen were smaller this year, so it was harder to see the words....

home cooked food is good. apparently my brother's food wasn't that great, and he stayed at the "higher class" places at the convention.

that hill, i think i had my exercise for the week (:

personally, i think last year was a tad better, maybe since it was the first time... they didn't do the cool centre stage thing this year...

i think i'm getting used to not sleeping in, and waking up a bit faster these days..
oh, and i think the wristbands were more waterproof this year. they didn't check it when we walked in...there were defssss heaps less pegging this year. i had to force a friend to peg me, except a guy walked by and stole it =/ even though everyone could see, and i asked him to give it back and he still walked away, he was like a man and not high school-er.... =/ last year i actually got legitimately pegged.

saw sooo many people i knew, and also a yr 6 friend who is know a friend of a was surprising...and lots of other people as well (:

it was really nice to see soooo many people praising God! have definitely learnt heaps these three days (((:

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  1. Haha, the hill (Y)

    I regret not going this year now, you and happy apple make it sound so amazing. Plus, the group I would have gone with also went this week, so I could have went around pegging everyone ):

    it's still encouraging to read your stories though!