Saturday, April 7, 2012


yeah, so it was worth it. you really can't go in the text without having to do SOME practice at least.

16 hours. soo brain draining...have not done anything since 6.30pm except eat eat and eat.

i really can't do section 1. every time i look at it i ceeeeeebs, which i have learnt is a really bad mindset so i will try not to ceebs, except there's just soo much thinking and logic, and unfortunately i don't really have any ):

i gave my bro to try some of the "hard" questions. and he go them all. he's on his way to becoming a doctor (lol jks, he doesn't even know what he wants to do, and neither do i =/) but, it's quite depressing sometimes when you don't "see" it.

ahhh, this girl is so smart. both parents lawyers, brother finishing last yr med-doctor next year, and she's captain of a million clubs at her school, and also knows polish/latin. also, about a fifth of the room had people whose parents are doctors. wow, rich kids. i personally only know of two friends who have parents as cool would that be? kids are really really really lucky who have smart parents/older siblings...

annd, i found out a few private schools have this thing called IB, where you can study like different subjects, is harder than hsc level, more uni level, but doesn't count towards hsc/atar. secretly i thought, why would you do that!? wasting time on stuff not atar related, apparently it's just something good to do :S i don't realllly see how learning Italian at uni level will help you in life/hsc/atar, unless you go and live in Italy.

wow, people treating umat as another 2 units. that's insane...seriously, how do they juggle school work, extra curricular, relax time, eating time, travel time, tutoring time, and extra time to do umat stuff?

i shall stop talking about medentry since it's "copyright" stuff.

also glad i was out of the house today, more demolishing was done.

the first night somewhere else is always the hardest. especially showering. it's like when i go on camp/overseas with family, school camp, church camp, random holidays, and know using upstairs bathroom, you have to get into a "routine" to do stuff efficiently.

i have walked sooooo much in the past 4 days, it's actually quite amazing. my legs hurt, and soo do my ankles ): went broadway shops today. i think it was my first time....don't really turn left at central, usually turn right...

oh, they do have bins at central, but outside the gate barriers only (just to clarify with yesterday's post....)

eng adv book has sooo many sex scenes. and every character goes out/sleeps with every other character. no joke. it's quite twisted.

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  1. the IB is international, so you can use it as qualification for universities overseas and stuff -it's like an international ATAR