Sunday, November 25, 2012


following the post the day before formal:

1 didn't happen
2 definitely happened. I WAS SO LOOKING FORWARD TO A PHOTO WITH THE LIMO. and it was just gay that it rained.
3 didn't happen

it was nice dressing up. only had to pay for my dress, earrings, formal itself, photographer, hair and make-up, limo

shoes, clutch, bracelet, ring all from home.

it was nice apart from the rain. actually, the venue wasn't that great. at least the dj was better than camp, but i didn't "dance" much since i didn't want to ruin my hair, and get my dress ripped by fist pumping guys.

took 2gb worth of photos, 400+ photos.

food wasn't that great. didn't get to see everyone's dresses since we were all just packed into a verandah, and couldn't move around much.

was so surprised that tess's dad came after formal to give us all a cd. still have yet to look at it...but thanks!

went on a bus, taxi, limo, car that day.

go on fb for photos. ceebs uploading here.

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