Friday, November 2, 2012


my encouragement note to stop me from going on my laptop for the whole day yesterday/night:

deep down i know i'm not going to band 6 phys. around 50% band 6 phys, and i'm in the bottom half...and even if i "aced" it, my school rank would pull me down. just no band 4. (don't laugh at me when i don't band 6 anything)

i didn't ace it. mc was hard/tricky/different. this year's paper was defs harder than last years (since last years was really easy). refraining myself from going on boredofstudies so i won't be disheartened that i got 10/20 for mc. i glanced at other people's answer sheets after the test, and it was a different pattern to mine, like completely.
and the questions were...different...idk if i'm answering right, so just wrote down various laws and stuff. maybe they would give me marks for attempting the question. i thought this test was a "need to use knowledge and less rote learning" kind of test, which i guess is the whole point of an exam. dear other people: maybe pull me up by getting state ranks?

and idk, i like my option, so i put in more time into that. didn't get projectile, similar to how i didn't get the citric acid chemical equation last year, the more i think about it, the more it feels like chem. both of my sciences were on 2nd november....

i'm going to miss the people running around, pointing madly whenever we put our hands up to give us paper. on monday, there's only 7 of us so they won't need to run, and for jap, you don't need extra writing booklets...i guess the bos people at our school are really nice. like they take into consideration for people doing phys and legal. and, they actually have a sense of humour. i heard in other schools, they have fat, slow supervisors, who take their time giving you paper, and who make you fill in your bos number etc during your exam. so baulko kids: be grateful of our bos supervisors!

rahh kids...explain in my kids post post-hsc... 

went out to eat today at a new place in cbrook shops. it was quite nice, and yay for "20% off grand opening" except i think it was a bit pricy compared to its "competitors" out there...

my current mindset: i still have 3 days to change my atar (for the better, i hope)! if i just put all my effort into studying and not think about random stuff...


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