Friday, November 23, 2012

apple once a year sale

i have to double post, no idea how i will get this all out.

thanks ophelia for the party and food! it was really nice.
good seeing girra peeps.

so i managed to fit in some time to go to the apple store beforehand for their once a year sale. mind you, apple stores itself never has sales. I WAS FULL HOPING IPHONE 5 WOULD GO ON SALE. but ofc it wouldn't be since it was new. guess i'll have to wait for hk, if i ever get there...

I FINALLY TOUCHED AN IPAD MINI. i actually quite like it since my hands are small, so it fits better than normal ipad, and it's lighter. the ipad w/retina display is wow, it is really ever so clear. and the new macbook pro is sooooo thin. and i thought my mac was already thin. then you have retina display and it's amazing. EVERYONE GET A MAC! they are so user friendly, and really good. like, my laptop still can shut off in 2-3 secs, and load in 10secs. and it's almost 2 years old. not going to get another laptop until after uni, don't want to waste my money.

but my "heart melted" when i touched the new ipod touch. that was the most surprising. it is sooooooooo light, like paper, and so thin. the photos of it make it seem fatter than it actually is. maybe because in photos it's a close up so it seems bigger. and i finally tried the beats by dr dre headphones today. hey they are pretty good, except isn't is really bulky to carry around? and the new nano is also thinner than my nano (which i haven't touched for almost 2 years...)
i actually like this new set of colours, my pastelly, compared to the bright "chromatic" ipods.

retina display is truly amazing. lol, my dad wants to buy an ipad, but i', not sure if he even knows how to use one. there was so many old people buying ipads and touches. some for their wives and they were persuading their wives to let them buy one, other bought 2/3 touches, probs for their gran kids.

yay apple!

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