Sunday, November 25, 2012


that week went by very fast.

really cool. just chilling and stuff.

another 400+ photos taken.

i ceebs recounting, and i'm sure if you really want a recount of our week, you can go on my fellow blogger's pages. i'll put photos on fb later. you can stalk me there/ to see what i did.

some highlights:
- glad wrap dinner
- being the first to try the standing up paddling board thing. even the guys were "afraid" to try it, but they could see me doing it. it was actually pretty easy to balance and use, but a guy on purposely pushed me, and i fell in seaweed. i tried everything there: kayak, double kayak, paddle boat and standing up board thing. too bad we didn't have the under water cameras until that night...
- joyeeta's christmas dinner picnic. A WHOLE LEG OF HAM. and prezzies for everyone! (30ish people) even if it's a few dollars here and there, it's the thought that counts. and my prezzie was just what i needed. i've always wanted something from typo, now i can use it as a diary/journal thing for post-hsc and holidays (:
-almost all-nighter. stayed up till 5am on tuesday morning/mon night. i think my sleeping pattern is still damaged. slept for 12 hours last night.

managed to survive a week without cooking (cutting stuff up doesn't count). really need to learn how to cook if i am to live in the future...
the house was really nice. renovated bathrooms and kitchen. that bathroom with three doorways was a bit =/ and yay for dish washer!
i can't believe they finished a 1000 piece puzzle when i left and came back from my interview. (just saw Happy Apple's link to photo, yeah, totes will be impossible...)

meeting up with other groups was really nice. so convenient that everyone was in a 10min radius. oh, i want blokus for christmas (2nd on the list under iphone)

i bet my whole group can say we left the house cleaner than when we entered the house. (:

so blessed with this one week with friends and fun (:

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