Sunday, November 11, 2012


so some points expired tomorrow, so i had to use it by today, and i think it's not worth using a free ticket for a child price, thus i got my mum to come with me so she could use the free ticket.

well, it's a Tim Burton movie, so the actual graphics were different/weird and halloweeny.

it was overally pretty nice. simple story line, that i think my mum could understand (she has really bad English, so shows like yday's ovo is good since it had hardly any english, and only a few english words)
they used physics in it! you know, the whole connecting the frog to electricity to make a complete circuit which conducted, in the movie it was just exaggerated.

first time ever having chatime! only reason was because i had a buy one get one free voucher. apparently they opened 1.5 months ago. tried mango green tea and had pearl milk tea. their milk tea is defs not as sweet as easyway since they had real tea, i don't remember if easyway used real tea. last time i had easyway was 3 years ago, and back then, i think for the tea they used flavouring. the mango green tea was really sweet, but at least they used real green tea.

towers has changed so much. only walked half of one level, and saw at least 10 different shops.

english will follow everywhere. belonging/symbolism/tone were all involved in today's bible study.

also yesterday:
so our neighbours moved out over 2 months ago to this suburb. and we were driving around that suburb and by pure coincidence, saw their car coming out of their driveway, and they saw us. yes, now we know where they live! this world is really small at times.

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