Monday, November 26, 2012

Breaking Dawn Pt2 and Argo

(if you don't want me to spoil it for you, then read my other previous posts...)

so, it has finally ended! well, the twilight saga. i guess i was a twilight fan-ish since i bought all the books. i guess they were good, well simple to read. (and i read really slowly...)

pt2: SOO MANY OPENING CREDITS. IS IT NECESSARY? they have credits at the end as well, i guess is appropriate to show you who else starred in the movies before, but it was kind of a waste of time.

the graphics were much better, compared with twilight. and renesmee is really pretty! i like her (: just googled her, apparently she's a model, and model's have to look good. and bella is skinnier in this one and is actually looks so much more better than the other ones, i guess they had to use more make-up and she had to loose more weight since she had to be a vampire...

but they dragged it out way too long. i liked how they used extracts from the book. i forgot that they actually didn't fight but was all a vision, thought was a bit lame.

and we had a private screening! well 8 people in total in a big-ish cinema (: finally had curly fries and bagel at the great bagel company. it was nice but not super nice. nice talking to bitter, who intoduced me to swarovski's aura perfume-IT IS SO SO SO GOOD. not that i will buy it since i don't wear perfume, but it doesn't smell "mature" or "young", so it feels just right for my age. and got more marc jacobs, they are always nice.

kind of regretting not buying that quilted bag. yes, everyone has one, but i really like them bags.


saw argo last tues at avoca. pretty cheap, 12. even event cinema's child is 13.5 and at avoca, student and child are the same prices.

pretty intense movie. i swear i've seen a movie with the same story line before. it's nice to see an action movie, since i haven't seen one in a while. need to see skyfall. apparently it's super suspenseful and better than the other daniel craig's bond films.

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