Monday, November 12, 2012

Birkenhead Point


apparently, i've been there about 10 years ago.

there were long dresses, but not my type. couldn't find any maxi/cool/cut out dresses. but i found my dress again! last time it was at a white persons formal shop in rouse hill, this time also in a white person shop. this shop said it was a "new arrival" but when i bought it in the city this year, it was "old stuff"
these marketing strategies...
so today's shop didn't have a sale for it, so the place i bought it from in the city was the cheapest as they had a sale back then. i don't know where my dress receipt went, but i'm pretty sure i got 100 off the marked price. my dress's style, so far, will hardly ever go on sale. apparently it's branded. i didn't even know until the person said it was made in australia. i tried googling the company, but there wasn't a website.

didn't end up buying any clothing, will save that for hk. but i got a new wallet! yay (: my cuurent wallet kind of broke a few months ago, but never had the time to buy a new one back then.

awkward moment when my desk and surrounding is messier than during trials and hsc. no joke. i'm going out on wed as well, so it's defs 26th november will be my first stay at home day (since the 25th is sunday-> church) since hsc has finished. going out every. single. day. i do not understand how people can just stay at home. don't they have stuff to do and places to go?

samantha on x-factor keeps on getting better. i finally voted! (though fb)

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