Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Post-HSC Events

plan around me guys :P

- 7.11.12-plan for schoolies

- 8.11.12 trek down south to look at more formal stuff, i'm actually set, except if i find nice cheap shoes, then i'll buy them, or i'll just wear something that i have since no one can see your shoes anyway, or if i find a "cool" cheap dress, then i'll get it.

- 9.11.12 friend's party/go over to house/park

- 10.11.12 Cirque de Soleil- OVO-yay!

-11.11.12 movies (need to use cinebuzz points before they expire)

- *.11.12 blog outing, someone please tell me the date/location, can't find it on fb =/

- 15.11.12 sign out day

- 16.11.12 formal!

- 17-23.11.12 schoolies! 23-friend's lunch

- 24.11.12 wedding and dad's work dinner

- 8.12.12-12.1.13 HONG KONG!

- 25-28.1.13 australian open

- then maybe more road trips w/ church people later in feb.

i feel like i've forgotten something important. and also, random places to go/visit/eat between the set dates above. oh, and i have still yet to file/chuck my stuff. well, i'll give myself until the day before signout day. i should really use the textbooks as weights while watching stuff-i have yet to watch a movie at home, i have been so unbelievably busy...

it's seems like i won't have time to get a job=/

i knew it! my brother is still slightly sick after my hsc. i can't believe it! he came home today and just played LOL, even though he has a since test tomorrow and was full like "you can't study for science!" yep-he's totes going to fail his hsc. and i don't even want him to!

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  1. Blog outing is on the 13th. I don't think we've decided on a location yet.
    And yay! We can meet up in HK.