Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cirque Du Soleil-Ovo

AMAZING. my first ever proper circus. i've been to one in primary, but ofc wasn't as cool.

so worth paying the extra 40 bucks for better seats. i was like literally 3 metres away from them, so you could actually see their faces properly. a lot of them were asian, but i guess chinese people are good at these stuff, and there's better pay here.

there were people there, from all ages.

everything was so seemless, from the transitions to the acts. so many things were happening, it was hard looking at everything at once. whenever they changed scenes, even with massive rope/net props, it too less than 30s, i think

anyways, my favourite thing was the man and woman with a rope. just one hand around a rope, and they can swing around it, then throw the other person around. and when they swung, they were above my head, and was real cool.
2nd best was the tightrope walking w/ ladder and also uni cycle. i've ALWAYS wanted to see it irl, and the claps at that point was defs the loudest.
3rd fav was the trapoline. i remember the documentary they had last year, and it said something about the trampoline part, which the reporter tried, but couldn't even bounce back up.

as weird as this sounds, i love people swinging each other, throwing, twisting at great heights. oh, how i wish i could climb that net, or jump on the trampoline.

the setting for everything was really well done, the costumes-soooo cool, and live music as well is (: their make-up was amazing.

at the end, there was butterfly confetti! first time ever seeing that.

also, glad i didn't sit on the edge because: you get hit on the head with random nets/pats on the head by the performers/ they choose you to "flirt", oh and also, one of the performers took someone's half-eaten popcorn and started to chuck it at people, twas quite funny. the only bad thing about my seat was when they high up on the trapeze-just had to tilt my head, and also at the end when the musicians were coming out, couldn't really see who they were from my angle.

you could see where your money went: the performers, the $1000+ costumes which have to be durable/stretchy/comfy/non sweaty, the ushers who guided you to your seat with torches-they didin't even have that in wicked, the actual tent, the site hire, the toilets-they had branded/toilet paper you use at home-not the crap paper you have at home, the other people selling stuff, the security who spend half their time taking photos of people, then there's the behind the scenes people.

literally just got home. was going to drive, but then there's a lot of toll fees. there was trackwork today, so it was just get to the station and see what trains there were. almost missed the train going there, was still buying a ticket when the train arrived, but they saw us running and opened to half-closed door. that was the first time ever i've experienced a train door re-opening. everytime i miss it, it was either still on the stairs, or closed in my face.

ate out today =/ it was relatively cheap for city food, except there were soooo many people.

i've been out since 8am. so exhausted.

now i've been to 2 musicals, and 1 circus. need to go to a music concert (my dance concerts don't really count as concerts to me...)

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