Thursday, November 29, 2012

Last Minute Travel Changes/N2 Ice Cream

thanks Happy Apple for the food (:

mad dash to city after lunch which i did not expect.

my brother is so lucky! he doesn't want to go hk by himself, but he has to since we've already changed my date and my mum's, so that iphone 4s to change his date as well is not worth it since he has nothing except school which i guess he can skip. instead, last minute plans to get him a visa and he's going to a china 8 day tour. I WANT TO GO! except i can't, since i'm spending fewer than a month in hk so no time. 

yay for travel agency connections! so my mum and i had to change our original dates, but it's hard since it's peak time, and even if you had money, there are no seats. so my mum's friend knew the boss, so he managed to swap another clients' seat so mum can go with dad on a flight before xmas. 

and also, family friend knew the bosses for this travel agency since their son is in the same rowing club as family friend's son.. so super last minute, they managed to to get my brother on the same flight with family friends and on the same tour, which if you didn't have connections, then you wouldn't get on, since the flight was already full or something. 

my bro and i always have these trivial competitions, like for me "i-want-to-go-to-more-places-than him" i guess he's going to beijing and great wall etcetc, so he's "winning" in terms of international places, but i guess i'm ahead domestically. kind of jelly, but at least i get to fly business class on one of my domestic flights (: still don't understand why business class used up less points than the "any seat" economy's going to be a bit awks, sitting next to "business men", who probs will think what is this girl doing?

anyways, some random sydney boys info. apparently their school contribution each year is $1500. girra was around 20, baulko 300 and normo 450, so sydney boys is soo expensive. i sometimes wonder why my parents pay for everything... like the building fund for the shelter for the bball courts which i will never use.. for sydney boys, THEY HAVE ROWING AS A SPORT! you just have to pay another 1500. apparently parents routinely cook the boys dinner and brekkie. their routine for rowing is after school row, eat, study, sleep, wake up and row at 5.30am, then go to school. wouldn't you be exhausted? rowing is so intense, like on olympics, and apparently people still continue their sports in yr12. that's why syd boys are so talented, good at sports and school. the parents have to stay with them overnight to cook them food. i guess there are "richer" public schools. people who go to school in the city usually lives in the city since it would be convenient=rich people. rowing makes people buff. like family friend's son, he used to be the same height as my bro, but not i think he's almost 6 feet. back in yr 5, i was faster than him in swimming. now he's given up swimming after going to state, and taken up bball, rugby, soccer and rowing. oh, they have a legit gym in their school, esp to train people for rowing.

I TOOK A TRAM TODAY. FIRST TIME EVER IN SYDNEY. the only other ones i've been in were in melb. maybe i've been in one in syd when i was younger...are they private run? because once you get on, you pay, then once you pay and sit, the tickets people come after you to double check that your receipt is legit. they go after everyone once they find a sit, trying to find people who might have not bought a ticktet. trams are quite expensive, since they don't go a long way.

really need a new phone. my internet is so slow on my phone...but i finally found my way to N2 EXTREME GELATO. 6 bucks for quite a large scoop, i guess the costs is in the nitrogen. it's not super super good than what people say. i tried the salted butter thing, but we bought walrus delight (rose flavoured w/ dark choc choc chips) and pandan w/ rambutan. the good thing was that they weren't too sweet and super duper smooth. it doesn't feel like you're eating cream, which is nice (: photos on fb. took a while to find this place though =/ but it wasn't hidden or anything...

need to actually figure out the settings on the gps in my mum's car. like our tom tom asks if you want to avoid toll roads, but not this one, so it directed me to lane cove tunnel/m2 which costs like $10 in total, but managed to avoid them and improvise (: sometimes gps aren't that good...
and apparently there's a yogurberry in epping..? drove past and my mum noticed...but i need to go to the city one sometime, and go to noggi...all when i come back from hk/have money.

beauty and the geek spends a ridiculous amount of money on dresses and make-up etcetc.

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