Friday, November 23, 2012

Life Changing Decisions

ok, first of all before my formal and schoolies post.

i only told 6 people, but then somehow 20+ other people found out as well.

i still can't help thinking about it. at the briefing on wed, i already knew i had no chance. even if i spoke well, there will ALWAYS be someone better. i guess i'm just disappointed that i didn't try harder. my interview was actually really bad and awkward.

it was supposed to be 20mins, but mine was 15. i just didn't know what to say. THEY ARE NEVER SUPPOSED TO GO UNDER TIME. ALWAYS OVERTIME IS BETTER. you could see from their faces they were bored of me and wanted to sleep.

i wanted to sleep as well ever since monday night/tuesday morning almost all nighter.

so result? not going to even bother checking on 13th december since i am 100% sure i'm unsuccessful. my first ever interview, i guess i was nervous, but that's natural right? will learn from this experience. nts: don't sleep at 12 before an interview, and don't have an almost all nighter 2 nights before. i was really, really sleepy whilst waiting.

and then this arvo i had my first afternoon nap ever since 2010 trip from hk where i had jet lag.

more life changing decisions which actually doesn't really affect me, but everyone else...just going to pray.

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