Tuesday, November 6, 2012


that looks really weird ^
over 7 hours of calling, i finally have internet. PLEASE DON'T DIE ON ME. I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO. like looking at houses (:

angry/fustratedness over. that chilling in the library air-con, then swimming, then eating ice moon cake and watching tv, while talking, is really therapeutical.

i don't think i have ever been so happy w/ internet.

actually copped over 2 hours of mobile phone radiation today, record for me. there goes my month plan even before my events start...

posts i will do NOW THAT I HAVE INTERNET.
- post-hsc event dates (so that you can plan around me, lol jks.)
- kids post-i really need to rant about kids.
- reading list
- clothes post
- all the drafts that never got posted.

wow, i have so much planning/making things done for tomorrow.

and my mum is really really bad at parking. had to park for her even though she has over 10 years experience. and also, angle parked for the first time ever. hey, it's pretty easy. i made sure i did rear to kerb like the sign said, i remember exactly, it was in yr 3, beecroft, outside the pedotric (the foot doctor thing) and we were in a rush, didn't read sign, and my mum did front to kerb, came out after an hour, there was a fine ticket. it was pretty expensive back then as well.

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