Saturday, November 24, 2012

Wedding and Dad's Work Dinner

my first wedding where the bride had FIVE bridesmaid. usually asian people have less than white people, since one bridesmaid cost a lot in terms of dress, hair, make-up etc.
on average, people have 2. she has three sisters, plus 2 friends = 5 bridesmaid.
her dress is by far the most sparkly dress i've seen for a wedding. it was just so glittery. not bling/jewelled, but just glitter, meshy, puffy wedding dress material. and they kissed for so long it was just lol. but they did their vows in canto =/ 1st time i've seen a young couple saying their vows in canto.

and it was an after lunch wedding (to obviously save money on food). but they had a "candy bar" to represent how their love is super sweet. it was super cute, first time seeing a "candy bar" where they had bags, and you could "take away". i remember in 2010, i went to an arvo wedding, and all they had was one cupcake and one drink each. at least today you had free reign of the snacks.

i wear a different dress to each wedding. and i still haven't repeated! yay! still have heaps of other unworn dresses to go to weddings in my wardrobe (: and i collect wedding invites + programs. the talk was pretty good. apparently he was my first ever maths tutor which i went to in primary for a month then stopped =/ don't remember

the work dinner was about three weeks earlier than normal since everyone is going overseas.
i finally satisfied my shark fin soup craving, but it had crab in it, so it was a bit different. and yes, i know what happens to the shark. my rich uncle explained to me once for half an hour, but he didn't convert me into stop eating it.

14 course meal.
received 1/7 of an hk iphone 5. go figure.
I SAW FIREWORKS ON THE HARBOUR BRDIGE IN THE CAR COMING BACK HOME. it was really cool, cause they were literally next to you, and the loud sounds it makes, esp when you open the window (:

i still haven't told my mum why i secretly don't want to go hk.

don't have time to even blog about formal/schoolies, yet even put photos up.

it seems the mail didn't fail me.
too scared to ask other people. because people will always secretly judge you/hate you/love you

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