Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Airplane Tickets Dilemma

if you asked me last week, i would still be flying on the 8th.
but ever since coming from schoolies, things have changed...

i cried myself to a headache when the airline people said that there were no other airplane tickets until 31st dec, and even then, had to add $155. which meant i would only be in hk for 12 days, LESS THAN TWO FRICKEN WEEKS. then chucked a mini-tantrum, and wanted to not go hk, and then rather i wanted to refund/credit my ticket.

my ticket is already approx the price of 64gb iphone 5. but i had to change my date, so i think my mum and i decided to spend price of iphone 4s each to change the date, and spend 10 less days than what we planned. my bro is so lucky, he get to spend 4+ weeks unlike me )))): and he hates to go hk, since most of his friends are in aus. but too bad, not changing his ticket, or else thats another 4s. my dad's tickets is four iphone 4's, since he's going right before christmas. and i wanted to extend my trip since i would be going there later, since i did research, and almost all uni's except for usyd do enrolments online. but all the flights back in january are full, and only available in feb, but i'm going to melbourne! so that won't be possible. sucks, spending less than a month there. basically, i can almost buy 10 iphone 5's for this short hk trip. so, less than a month in hk ): my mum promised me i can choose who to visit, and don't have to visit some aunty's sister' uncle 2nd cousin etcetcetc person. last time we visited at least 5 randoms (from my perspective..) that 5 half day's gone. i'll just have to visit my grandparents, and one great uncle who's given me so much. and this time i'm choosing which aunts and uncles to visit. last two times we went, i still haven't been to all my aunt's and uncle's homes ))):

apparently, they are saving me some legit spanish turkey. at least my rels remembered i love my food.

I HAVE DECIDED I DON'T EVEN WANT TO GO TO ANOTHER COUNTRY OR VISIT MAINLAND CHINA. it's usually prerequisite for me to go mainland china to visit one of my great uncle's. no offence, mainland china is worse than hk. in terms of everything. oh wait, my great-uncle's house is big. from memory, 6 levels which 3 or 4 bedrooms on each level and proper bathrooms (you know what i mean...) last time i slept on the 4th level=so much exercise. that's the only thing i like there. i'm not even allowed to go on china's roller coaster, because they are super dodgy and apparently you can see bolts coming off it, even relative who lived there all their lives don't allow their children on it. going to another country is a waste of time. think we're going to america after my bro's hsc. even then, i want to spend a week in disneyworld...

i've decided that i'm going to go on virgin or qantas for all the plane flights by myself. you've seen on tv, and i've heard from my dad. whenever he walks past the jet star line, its at least 45min wait since they have minimum staff and bad service. and from iced tree's comment a while ago, i do not want to be sent through to the international line, which would mean i would have to go back home to get my passport to get checked in through the whole customs, ie miss my flight. going with someone else on jet star would be ok, since we can share the horrible-ness of that airline.

also, yay for dad's various reward points for domestic flights (: BUT VIRGIN IS SO CUNNING. with their cheaper flights, they say "sold out" when you try to use your points, but you can still buy it through cash. lame. they do have seat available, but it's in business. I STILL DON'T GET IT. their "saver" any seat economy is cheaper than business "reward" seat, but both use points. would choosing seats really be more expensive compared to a business can't-select-seat ticket? that's why qantas is good. they aren't cheap and block you from using your points for "cheaper" flights.

headache. wow, this is more stressful than hsc. thinking about all these tickets. i need to ask my dad for advice on changing flights. strange how jet star has direct flights, but virgin/qantas don't. SO MUCH INVOLVED

going to reply on public transport for the whole of next month for so much.

really need to put in some effort, or all this money is going to waste...

didn't realise how big my living room is until i vacuumed today. it's been a while that i almost forgot how to use our vacuum (it was a fancy one, around the price of an iphone..).
and i decided to count how many dresses i have, as one does...i actually lost count, but at least 30...

this afternoon has been depressing. maybe my head hurting just makes it more depressing than this whole thing sounds. binge eating. oh, and i'm, starting to skip brekkie again. it's just simply because i wake up in time for lunch.

BLOKUS IS $30 AT TARGET!!! do i really want to spend 30 for a board game (it's been at least 6 years since i've wanted a board game for xmas), or should i save it for 3.75% of an iphone 5 aussie dollars? mini dilemma. going to get my bro to play board games w/ me. just realised that my board game section at home only has 4cm left, and the blokus box from memory is even if i bought it, it wouldn't fit...probs had to move the buckaroo box..

good job if you got through all this (Y). also, it seems the whole blogosphere kind of died already ): please blog guys! 

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  1. I hope you figure something out for your flights.

    Haha, it's cute how you refer to the price of stuff in relation to iPhones.