Wednesday, November 14, 2012

HSC Clean Up

ever since i finished last week, i did not touch anything, so all my sheets were just stuffed into a folder, which looked deceivingly neat, but inside was full messed up.

photo time:
after paper 1 and after paper 2. it was a full pen before paper 1. my poor $2.50 inkjoy.

end of trials and end of hsc. there was actually time to be "neat" during hsc.

middle of hsc. felt slightly happy.

end of trials and end of hsc. received even more resources after trials.

pile 1: over 100 sheets of hand-written essays/some phys/some jap


butterfly confetti!

 this morning. yes, didn't touch it and floor got messier after hsc.

starting to file.

sorting out English.

english done. sorting out the sciences and maths. 

almost done! well it's stacked in piles, and now i just need to find a place in the house to store it.

pile 2: taking forever in deciding what to chuck. it's actually bigger than it looks, as it contains other thick uni info booklets.

i felt like i formed my own fortress with my own books. and my piles felt like "stepping stones" so i was just stepping on everything for fun (: and also to flatten things...I ACTUALLY CANNOT THROW ANYTHING AWAY. i have kept all my books since year 7. so those above english sheets took me a long time to sort out. and that pink book above will be the first book i will ever chuck. 

also, I DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW PEOPLE CAN HAVE OVER 7 TEXTBOOKS FOR ONE SUBJECT. like reading what people have, they have over 60 textbooks for both yr 11 and 12. first thoughts: how do you even finish them all and all that money!? i didn't buy any textbooks for yr 11, and only bought 7 textbooks for all my subjects in total for yr12. and i didn't even finish my fitzpatrick 2/3U. people literally have 10 times more textbooks than me, then there's also the school textbooks. i hardly touched school ones. then people have tutoring resources and online stuff. SO HOW DO PEOPLE FINISH THEIR STUFF? i didn't even have time to finish my minimal 7 textbooks for all my subjects. (which is probs why i failed my hsc)

oh, just to show how much food we have. this is a shell in our hallway with food. yes our hallway. because our four fridges, 2 massive cupboards in the garage, pantry, other cupboards in the kitchen, and  living room. in the above, i counted there are 8 packets of tim tams, 5 of arnotts assorted biscuits, 8 cans  of tuna, 15x cup of soups, 3 packets of other biscuits, 9 blocks of lindt chocolate (i found out there was strawberry flavour), other muesli bars and biscuits. that's only 2 shelves in this shelf.

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