Friday, November 9, 2012

Homebush Traffic

nts: never get a job in homebush, unless it's super duper high paying.

that traffic.

going there only took 30mins, but coming back, the traffic was 30mins. seriously, the traffic light going out from homebush into silverwater road. i tried to go onto different roads, but traffic everywhere. yay for dad installing gps system into mum's car (: i remember when i was younger, my dad tried to be cool and navigate his way inside olympic park, but he got lost, and just kept on going/following other cars, that was at least 10 years ago. i can get inside olympic park fine without a gps, but inside it's a life saviour.

i don't get how my dad can survive that traffic, but apparently it's worse on friday's =/

soooo much food left over today. couldn't help myself but it eat. it seems that i eat outside food on fridays, last week viet, this week party food, next week formal food. i have finally seen a costco pizza in real life!

it seems that whenever i go to a picnic, it rains.

excited for tmr on so many different levels (:

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