Wednesday, November 21, 2012


i have no chance of getting in. like that girl who kept on talking and asking, i bet she can ramble for 20mins, and thus get in. at least i'm not doing elec, which so far has 0/10 since they have no sponsors.

why gfc!? there used to bet] 5/15, and now there's 1/15, and possibly 2/15. apparently arnotts was so close to signing up, but backed out. it's not like the business side like actuarial which has 10/~45 and they have countless supply of money/sponsors.

it really isn't about the money. it's about the work opportunities, connections and jobs at the end. and the i think i finally found a course i would really like, except if i just do it normally, then after i finish, it would be hard to find jobs etc.

i don't get why they advertise the whole thing so much when hardly anyone gets in.

still kind of surprised i passed through. i hardly put in any effort into it, and was finishing it the night before =/

approx 8 baulko kids for both eng and business. apparently that's quite a lot.

just doing it for the experience.

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  1. i was thinking that too, they have a day to tell us how good co-op is just so we can fail?