Monday, November 26, 2012

just watched breaking dawn part 2 trailer. it's literally the whole movie in 2minutes. so glad i don't watch trailers until after the movie.
i actually quite like the music they use for twilight.

is it really sad if i don't watch youtube, but go on apple's website to look at their videos? they're actually quite interesting.

so many plane flights by myself in the next 2 months. more than ever in my life.

my hk shopping list is actually about 1/10 of my list back in '07 and '09. going to do most of my shopping at my aunty's house. she is a hoard, like my grandma. a bedroom filled with a million plastic bags of clothes. not even a proper walk in wardrobe can fit their amount of clothes. only stuff i really need that are expensive here i will buy there. and i just want to go H&M because people say it's good and cheap-ish in hk

i'm trying to spend minimal amounts of money. so not going to go out. until i have money. i'll go to parties and people's houses since they don't involve large amounts of money.
yeah, i've decided to only go parties and people's houses.
hate me all you like, but i'm not going out.
apart from seeing skyfall, probs see that in hk since it's cheaper...

am i willing to spend $300+ for the 1/4 chance rather than the $10+ for the 1/15 chance.
decisions. decisions.

why is fb uploading photos so slow today?

other thoughts:
so no-one wore that teal, one shoulder w/ jewel/ diamondy stuff to our formal. although i could recognise where some people got their dresses from.
and i really like the feel of my mum's car. at first even at a red p-plater, i was always scared i would scratch it, but now i'm more "confident" with it, even if it's longer parking feels the same with my small car.

my sleeping pattern...i actually have no sleeping pattern. last week i woke up at 11am for half the week, then the 2nd half before 6.30am. now i just sleep at ridiculous hours =/

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