Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Blog Outing

thanks Harvard for your house!

i love going to people's houses (:
i'm looking at my set of boardgames right now. oh, how i have abandoned them all for over 2 years. shall play them sometime (ie after hk)
but it was a fun day.

also, stalking at people's formal photos are quite cool. there's this one dress, kind of teal, one shoulder w/ some jewel things-i have seen this dress at least 6 times already! if i see it on friday, i'll point it out.
oh, and my dress still fits (secretly jumping w/ joy) so far this year (according to my fb), i have seen one person wear my dress, but in a different colour.

i think i ceebs w/ jewellery and nails. like, no one in photos/irl is going to look at your hand.

and, i think i can relate to bitter's post a while ago, and littlemisssunshine a while ago, about digging through their mum's closet. i finally found blouses/tops with the really nice/cool breezy material which, i think my aunt gave my mum who never wore it. they sell for 10 bucks these days, so yes, 50+ saved!

i can't believe my uncle came all the way from hk to go to cairns. and i found out the reason today: apparently there's a solar eclipse. i guess, he's rich so he can go wherever he wants whenever he feels like. he could at least shout me to go china like he did with my cousin and her boyfriend who she broke up with a year later (which is totes a waste of money) oh well, he promised me high tea in hk at a really top place w/ champagne (:
still haven't had a drink yet. there's plenty of time later on in life. i don't get why other people want to kill their livers aka themselves whilst so young...

yes, bella finally left! i've been waiting ever so long for her to go away.

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