Tuesday, October 30, 2012

English Extension 1

that was actually ok. is it weird to say it was easier than advanced? well at least the stimulus was easier to incorporate.
it was defs easier than the past year's where they had to do settings/quotes/pictures.

and for once, i actually had 10minutes left. hopefully they won't think my stuff is short. it really all depends on the marker's subjectivity...

no more English! (i can finally say that now, except i think i will miss english...)

i like how our school does different electives: after the bomb, navigating the global, sci-fi, crime fiction, life writing. maybe when the markers are going through it, they won't find our essays boring since there's a variety  to read.

i've actually been really efficient the past 2 days. my "miscellaneous time" adds up to 20 minutes, compared with 1.5hours+ from before...


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