Friday, February 28, 2014

Optus RockCorps 2014

i was debating whether to go or not since i have been walking/standing all week. decided to go, even though the run-up this year is nowhere as awesome as last year's. i only know samantha jade, and heard of the others.

went to Ivanhoe place in mac park, where there are 60ish public housing places (well, the whole street), so people pay really cheap rents since the government subsides. the guy was from the salvation army, and he opened his home for people to go to the bathroom, how nice of him. it rained a but, but last year also drizzled as well. i was supposed to be in another group doing weeding, but group 1 got to do painting and i did weeding/planting last year, so my friends and i merged to group 1, and so did other people, since the other groups 2,3,4 had a noticeably smaller number.

yay painting murals! the brushes were really bad quality so hard to do fine lines. it was a super cramped space since they only set up minimal shelter combined with the extra amount of people, but it was fun. so tired since i was mainly squatting all the time =/ got paint all over my hands and trackies...this year the shirts are thinner material, but the salvos have a van with a coffee machine (since they provide weekly free coffee to the not so well off residents in the streets to have chats etc), so they provided coffee or tea. i got a hot choc (which has 2 things i'm currently not supposed to have), since i have cheap dilmah tea at home, and 4pm is too late to have coffee (well, i need to wake up not so late tomorrow morning). they also had water and lipton sparkling iced tea (better than V compared to last year), but i had the tea during o-week, and it's not that great so i didn't get any. and they had super massive muffins this year! better than muesli bars (: but no electronic wristband thing, and definitely less photo taking since it was know the nokia with 41mp, that is ridiculous, since 1 of their photos, and 5 of mine, which means that it would take up 5 times the amount of phone storage space-crazy. 

it says: welcome to Ivanhoe Estate

really awkward to take proper photos...i helped out a bit on the "To" part, then a bit on the "Ivanhoe". there was really limited brushes etc for 28 people, so really had to share colour etc. those gradients and purples/pinks are so pretty! people didn't realise that the trunk in the 2nd mural was actually the letter "T". the "To" was the easiest to do,  but people rushed it at the beginning and even towards the end, so personally i think its the ugliest lol. 

i was secretly hoping we could paint fences, but i think that would result in a massive paint fest, since people were already painting each other today.

wasn't in the city today ):

macq centre has changed so much! first time going in years. i past it often, but hardly step inside. never knew it had a grill'd there. it pretty much has everything there! and other international stores like Marks and Spencer or was it UniQlo are going to be there by Oct this year-they just keep on expanding. saw a wall of the "history" of macq centre, and i saw the 2000 renovation which i remember (and also i became sick during all the dust etc when they were renovating, according to my parents). after they added a level, i couldn't recognise it. i used to remember where everything was, now it's just all foreign to me...had onigiri for lunch, not worth it, but haven't had it in ages and it's fun unwrapping it.

bro sleeping over at school today for charity. does he even study?

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