Wednesday, February 26, 2014

driving to church tonight was quite surreal. the sky was a bright dark blue, but not black, and there was lighting/thunder flashes around, and accompanied by yellow/orange streetlights on a big road and no rain...i don't know, it's just a different feeling.

first night was good (: played human battleships and we won! basically set out 7x7 chairs each side and draw a curtain between. then you have a whiteboard and everyone collaborates which square/chair they want to hit.

also played a game i think Dandelion would love. it's like mafia but better as it has more roles (i don't really like mafia but this one was interesting). it's called werewolves. so werewolves are mafia, then there's villagers as civilians. defender as doctor. there's a witch who has a potion of life and death, so can only kill and save one life in the whole game. there's a huntsman, so if the huntsman dies, they can take someone to die with them. there's cupid who chooses 2 lovers, so if one of the lovers die, the other person also has to die with them. then there's an additional card-sheriff, so you can still be something else and sheriff. the role is decided on voting at the start/who wants to be it. it's role is to organise voting's (can nominate 3 people) and the vote for the person is counted twice. there's other roles as well, but we didn't have enough people since it was quite late already. i was a werewolf in both games, but i always lose. i can never defend myself in mafia...

ran around uni today in this super hot weather. came third in the scavenger hunt, but only first place gets iTunes voucher. it feels good giving advice to first years. also, had my first sausage today this week. it was a catered bbq so the sausages weren't as barbecued as much, which i guess it's slightly healthier...because i eat everything i'm given, i put onions in my roll, but after my first bite, i realised it was on my "banned" list of foods for now ): got more useful freebies today (:

what to do tomorrow? should i go to the apple store and listen to the creator of TWP app at the apple george st stall? or should i try go zumba before uni starts? or should i go pyrmont and have the $20 1kg steak? the challenge is back! if i was sharing with a friend, $10 for 500g is pretty cheap (don't think i can eat 1kg of steak and sides by myself =/). but it's not free anymore if you finish the steak, you just get $20 worth of beer vouchers. but on fridays there's $20 ribs! anyone??

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