Monday, February 24, 2014

O-Week 2014

wow, repeatedly saying the same thing over 3 hours standing in the heat is quite tiring. luckily there's a lot of people on monday who are interested in stuff, but not sure how people will react by thursday...

this year i'm very selective into getting freebies, some stuff just becomes rubbish. like i don't need multiple yo-yos and freesbies and black pens and bags etc. only on wed i'll probably have a bbq, but other than that, i'm avoiding it. it feels like every day is "cheat day" since I've been going out to eat so much, but those cheap fatty sausages and white bread filled with heaps of sugar is just so unhealthy. same goes with the free pancakes, fairy floss and popcorn. they're not worth much, and your health is worth much more than those junk foods...i've added to my collection of those 0.4mm stabilo coloured pens which aren't cheap, and got an exercise book which will definitely come in handy. didn't bother getting lollies since i still have lollies from last year's o-week. i'd rather not take anything this year which i won't eat/use. also had a 600ml choc mint oak. i wanted the mocha one, but ceebs waiting since they put it in a machine to cool/shake it or something. i don't like choc mint, but this milk was surprisingly nice. the mint definitely made it less sweet than just normal choc, and the mint made the drink more "cool" and refreshing, rather than feeling bloated since you just drank quite a large carton. also, OB hot choc mint is nice as well. lipton sparkling drink reminds me of alcohol. it's just weird to have sparkling ice tea. didn't bother with the jumping castles although they do look fun. they have free grill'd burgers from a grill'd van this year for campus tours. this year they go on for 3 hours, last year was just 2 hours then a free bbq. no point for me going on a 3 hour campus tour just for a free burger (only 1 choice). even lining up for a free grill'd burger at parra only took 20ish minutes. got 2 scoops of ice cream since it was just so hot today.

also, the new residential buildings look so beautiful! all new with glass doors. i really wished i lived there (apart form the fact that i can't cook/have no money). it's $375 a week for a shared house (own bedroom/bathroom) but no food and it's a very small room. i think i checked prices last year, and if you want it catered, it's $500+ per week, which is enough to rent a normal sized house in some suburbs. i would love to live in a new building since it would feel like a new house (i.e. room)! looking forward to some decent shops opening there, which hopefully means good quality freebies worth my time.

my bruises have gone horribly worse. it looks like i have a really ugly birthmark/massive skin disease =/

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