Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Wet and Wild Take 3

so empty in the morning. hardly had to wait today, literally sliding down, then going up the stairs to the point i was kinda tired from continuous stair walking...can't believe people pay $20+ to go on the sky coaster thing. why would you do that in Australia? i guess it's safer in aus, but the equivalent or better is much cheaper and bigger overseas...really nice day to go today, cloudy but not cold and i left when the sun came out (: 

the snow does seem really powdery and light at sochi. apparently sochi is like the gold coast of aus, and their winters are about 10 degrees. that's not cold at all for snow conditions...cousin in Toronto atm, and they're experiencing -17 degrees clear and sunny days. not sure how they survive...

i didn't even know iTunes radio was released in Australia today! only knew from the news...yay, second country with iTunes radio. i was so happy when they first announced iOS7 that there will be iTunes radio, but then there was that asterisks with "only in US". i don't really download songs anymore nor listen to music. so yay for a variety to stream (:

i personally think the $2m interview for schapelle is ridiculous. i mean from 20 years to 9 ish years of jail to 2+ million dollars richer. i think it's really, really bad. it's like telling people you can smuggle drugs and then get money for it-the only catch is a few years of your life. if you earn 100k a year, it would still take you 20 years to earn that much, but schapelle just sat in jail for 9 years and did nothing but still gets the equivalent of 20 years of full time work. so glad kochi lashed out at channel 7. same thing with that gittany case. the current gf gets paid 145 000 for just saying her bf is innocent.  ridiculous.

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