Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Paramount Coffee Project

so lovely catching up with Bitter today! i haven't seen her since...boxing day sales, i think...actually she reminded me it was nye, lol.

i have avoided walking up the massive hill since last year mid year break for my trek to bourke st bakery. all the cafes i've been to in surry hills haven't been a trek (: the paramount coffee project is in a really obscure spot, not close to anything really, and we kind of walked past it. it's quite spacious and bright inside, compared to other cafes. service was good, maybe a tad overly attentive, since they kept on asking if we were ready to order. i guess it was good they kept on walking by since i kept on asking for extra cups/plates etc.
menu for reference because there isn't one up anywhere

kochere filter coffee-$5, cappuccino milkshake-$8

so much froth, this kept me so full

jaffa: choc-orange ice cream, choc waffles, citrus syrup-$15, Crab Po Boy: soft shell crab, house slaw, milk bun-$19

couldn't really taste the orange in the ice cream, and the waffles were a bit hard to cut into. the dish as a whole tasted nice, but not as good as i was hopping it to be. the citrus syrup wasn't citrusy enough.

soft shell crab was nice and not overly seasoned (unlike when you have it at like thai places which is also delicious, but you know all that sodium content isn't good). the bun was nice and soft, but i would've liked more coleslaw. anyways, today was "cheat day". all that oil and fat filling me up...

so excited for modern family in australia! but was kinda ceebs to go circular quay. so many spoilers already =/

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