Thursday, February 20, 2014

Circles and Circles

arghhhh, so angry at the world  right now (ok, not really, but pretty frustrated atm).

*deeeep breath* where should i start???

ok. you'd think buying tickets online is just simple as having a credit card and then they send you an e-ticket and you all ready to go. well, it IS that simple for domestic flights since i usually help my dad for his random flights around. but FAR OUT, not for major international airlines! no wonder why people go to travel agencies, but they earn heaps of commission, equivalent to buying another ticket overseas (we used to go to travel agents).

which leaves just me and my laptop. you have to use credit card if you are buying online, if you have a visa card, you need to register for Verified by Visa (will get to that in a moment). and for security purposes, when you check in, you need to show the original credit card or else they will most likely refuse you a boarding pass even though you have your e-ticket/passport etc. this means that you cannot buy tickets for another person without accompanying them, since the card holder needs to be present to fully validate the ticket/check in. i never knew that! like obviously you can buy someone a ticket with your frequent flyer points, but you cannot purchase a ticket with a credit card for someone else unless you're there to show your credit card. which means trouble, since if i use my dad's credit card, he won't be there when i check in from overseas so we may possibly not be able to board and return home.

so at this stage you'll probably be thinking: use my mum's credit card. that's where another problem arises. well, something happened ages ago, and the verified by visa function is blocked, and you need to call them up to unsuspend it. but my mum's english isn't good, and they don't allow me to translate/don't allow speaker phones, so thus they can't verify my mum over the phone and had to go to the branch. but we just went this morning to re-do all those security checks! and we already told them the phone people told us to come in and they can fix it up, but the branch people didn't know what to do and said to just register online or call them ourselves. but we can't register online since the whole function is blocked from that card! so off we go tomorrow back to the branch for the 3rd time. i'm pretty sure that lady remembers us now, but it's not our fault they can't freaking unsuspend Verified by Visa over the phone, tomorrow we're not leaving until this thing is fixed. sometimes i hate all this fancy added security.

more circles with our electricity bills. this is even longer to explain. but apparently since the house next to us started to be rented, apparently they swapped the electricity meters, and our meter which used to be energy australia got switched to AGL without our consent. then the bills got lost, and those big companies just realised, so our electricity may be cut anytime D= we freaking haven't received any bills either! how are we supposed to pay when they mixing up house addresses and meters? so my dad called and the people kept transferring calls back and forth between the companies. the actual story is longer than this mere paragraph.

why is all this stressful circling stuff happening right before uni? suddenly a million things also popped up in the last week of the 3 month break.

the only good thing (apart from the catchup today) was that tog finally got an app! i can now actually track my usage easily! i've been calling more 13 and 18 numbers more than 04 mobiles this past week...sigh...

if you asked me what i did in 3 months, here you go: 1 month working, 1 month watching tv (2 weeks tennis, 2 weeks olympics, catching up on movies and watching tv in general) combined with making/baking random stuff and tidying the house/chores, 2 weeks reading and 2+ weeks worth of going out. total of 12 weeks easily passed. not bored a single day.

not ready for uni.

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