Friday, February 14, 2014

chia pudding with almond milk and coconut cream

another (almost) healthy, filling breakfast. it was supposed to be coconut milk instead of cream and my mum told me she opened a can of milk not cream, but she opened the can of cream which i was saving for something else ): i didn't even know i put coconut cream in the pudding, but at least the combo of almond and coconut liquid is really good, no need to add sweeteners/honey. last time i think i added water which needed some nice juicy mango to make it sweeter.

another good day to go wet n wild. there were more people than tuesday, but it was nice and cloudy and not cold, and no lines again. it's pretty tiring walking up stairs continuously.

finally got something from the grill'd "meat wave" thing-buy one get one free. the previous weeks i didn't want to pay $10 for a burger (since you only save about $2.50) and i didn't want the drinks they offered, and the first week i didn't have time to get a free burger, but i have still maintained my streak of getting discounted/free grill'd burgers!

summer sunset: Grilled grass fed lean beef, avocado, crispy trim bacon, golden pineapple, salad, relish & herbed mayo-$12.50, caesar's palace: Grilled chicken breast, crispy trim bacon, free range egg, shaved parmesan, baby cos & Caesar dressing-$12.50

even though these burgers don't have special sauces, i still get them since they have more fillings compared to others with a different sauce but not as much stuff. both of these burgers were nice as usual (: i think they are slightly shorter these days compared to beginning of last year since i can eat it without toppling...

i am so sick of the "amore" ads. probably the worst thing during winter olympics. whenever i watch, i always think winter olympics are only for rich kids, especially in aus. seriously, where are you going to find snow in aus apart from the small snowy mountains which has decent snow for only about a month? and as if the government will build a luge track for only about 3 people to train in for only 4 years. think about it, summer sports are super cheap compared to winter. even for swimming, when you're small you just need a pool and some decent swimmers for about $100 and when you do hit the olympics, you get laser cut suits (then that's all sponsored, but still nowhere as expensive as skiing gear). for skiing when you're small, all that gear is already a few hundred dollars and you haven't even started competing yet. also, going to ice skate just for fun is a lot more expensive than swimming for fun. so winter olympics are for rich people, while summer olympics are more affordable. i'm just trying to think of expensive summer sports...nothing really comes to mind...probably the most expensive is rowing, but you don't own a boat for 6 people to use on your own, so i don't think that counts...

i've always wanted to learn to figure skate, horse ride, surf or ski when i was young. if i was a rich kid, i would've chosen figure skating since it's not too hot or cold (and it's so pretty!), but it's a "rich" sport since you'd need to hire the whole arena to practice properly and the price would be super expensive. you know, most australians in the winter olympics don't even live in australia since we just don't have the facilities. it's kinda sad how aus finished last in the men's short skate...

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