Tuesday, February 25, 2014

all my life i've never been allergic to any type of food, and even if i don't like eating something, i can still eat it since i'm not a picky eater.

today was a complete brainwash. now i'm banned from all my favourite foods-at least 14 fruits ): this sucks. never before have i been "forced" to go on a "diet."

secretly glad i went to that person at the end of the break since i could still (ignorantly) enjoy my break filled with nice food, but in the long run, it's not good...no good fruit for at least 3 weeks...i just hope i can have proper food by the end of this year. it's really weird, "healthy" stuff for my dad is unhealthy for me and vice versa. so my mum is going to have so much fun cooking for the 2 of us, plus my brother who just wants delicious foods which doesn't fit under anything. all the stuff my mum and i thought was healthy (which they are for normal people) aren't healthy atm. bad blood circulation sucks. trying to be optimistic like carly on mkr-at least i can save money on food for now!

at least i can have ice cream! i would die if i can't have something normal. i really do love my food! apparently processed cow milk is healthier than normal cow milk. same with cake (: then again, there's the sugar content which isn't healthy to begin with for normal people =/

no lines at all at wet and wild today. only went for a bit, but it was the only day i could go before uni starts. mum actually went on the half pipe, haha. so tiring constantly walking up stairs/on hot tiles. found $2 on the ground, but i checked and the only thing you can buy with $2 is a 70c chupa chup.

my feet hurt so much. i don't have good feet to begin with, and apart from dinner and going to places, i have been constantly standing or walking or dancing since Friday. like at uni, you still walk but at least you can sit for 1 hour during lectures. it hurts to stand D=

slept in this morning, but how to get to uni by 8.30am tomorrow?

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