Sunday, February 9, 2014

Plus Retreat 2014

went to The Entrance this year, which is a it further than Avoca etc, but not really. i gave up driving at 100, its not much difference compared to 110 tbh, and other red p's and l's were refs going over 100. haven't been there in a while since i managed to skip a few family outings. i remember we used to go there often with family friends at night and go prawning at long jetty. not sure if there are any prawns nowadays...but there used to be heaps to take home and eat (:

took the longer windy road up. it was sooo windy. all the guys just sped off, i'm pretty sure one of the guys just wanted to try their new car (i.e. its been modded over 10 times...)

the main house which we went to for hanging out etc was soo big. our original house was nice but it was really dirty, so we stayed at the smaller but tidier house. the main house was mostly where the guys slept. two levels with beach front views, two kitchens, about 8 toilets and 8+ bedrooms. played sardines in the dark on the first night with about 15 people, and on two occasions, i was the last person to find everyone. hate people who troll...people were so creative by hiding in storage places with stuff blocking them, and it's literally pitch balk so you would have to kick around to see if someone is hiding in the bottom corner or something.

beach views. so breezy (:

topic was on faith and we were all given a raw egg to take care of during the weekend-where ever we go, we had to take it. it ties in to show how we have to hold onto our faith. funny stories: a guy put his egg into his pocket ready to go beach but then walked into a chair and it cracked in his pocket...another guy took his egg out to swim at the beach to show the "great lengths" to protect his egg-it actually survived the waves...the entrance beach is saltier than others =/

i'm so dark now after a few hours at the beach (not even a whole day =/ )

played a new game-Jungle Speed! so fun (: why do people have such fun card games? it's like snap, where you see the same pattern as someone, you grab this plastic pole thing. it can get so aggressive at times. there's another version where there's a wooden pole-ouch, that would hurt so much. was a bit slow at first, but then you start to recognise the patterns and your reaction speed increases (: 

golden gaytime! late night snack. haven't had these in years. last one i had was probably in a kfc crusher years ago, and that just tasted like sugar. the actual ice cream is surprisingly not sweet.

so much food for brekkie, lunch and dinner. but so much carbs =/ first night, the guys took 2 hours to cook pasta =/

after having cereal, wraps, bacon, omelette, potatoes, steak for brekkie on the last day, i was super full. why not have ice cream/gelato for lunch?

500ml gelato: passionfruit, caramelised fig, salted caramel, boyensberry cheesecake, hazelnut-$12

i think this is pretty cheap since it was $3 per person. and it was definitely more than 500ml. so happy they scooped it so it was overfilled (: luckily we didn't need a lid. the passionfruit sorbet was quite sour, i picked the caramelised fig and that was pretty good. the salted caramel wasn't salted at all, and was just caramel. there wasn't enough berry flavour in the boyensberry cheesecake and hazelnut was nice.

also, i thought fish and chips would be pretty expensive here, but it's ok priced.

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