Monday, February 17, 2014

every summer holiday where i don't go overseas, i do a massive room clean up. one year was re-painting my walls, another year was moving my bed, one year it was getting a new wardrobe, also getting a new dresser, rearranging position of clothes in my wardrobe. my room is relatively small and i don't study in it, but there's surprisingly a lot one can do. this weekend i changed my dresser for a older one and moved my newer one into the spare room. it just wasn't that good for storage...

i think i hoard too much stuff. now i'm only going to keep plastic bags which are "epi" or recyclable or else they just become a mess...and chucked out so many random samples...

i totally understand why people buy leather handbags, don't personally own any fully leather handbags atm, but i can see they will be a good investment. even brands like kate hill/roxy which aren't cheap, the plastic/synthetic material starts to "flake" after a while. same with those cheap hk bags... probably going to avoid buying cheap material handbags now since they wear and tear easily-like they won't last you for over 4 years if you keep on using it, unlike some of my mum's leather handbags which are still in good condition even though it's been a long today i chucked out a good amount of stuff.

and i was so happy today after finding money in my old primary school wallet! it's not much, but it's enough to last me for eating food out for the mid year break (since i don't eat out, well close to no times during sem). felt so happy finding hidden money (: i usually put the money i get from CNY straight into the bank, but this year i already spent it all on food, clothes and presents. then again, i didn't get a lot (which is kinda good i guess since it limits the amount you spend...)

my room doesn't have much stuff in it, but it feels so clean since everything is out of sight inside the dresser and i vacuumed my room about 3 times.

smoothie: 1 banana, 1 cup frozen pineapples, almond milk, 1 medjool date, 1 tbs chia seeds

adapted this recipe from the boost website when they were promoting healthy drinks you could make yourself. the original recipe had parsley and ice, but i didn't have parsley, and frozen pineapples compensated for the ice. i don't eat dates just by themselves, but 1 date blended is actually quite nice since it gives it some sweetness, and it's a very subtle date flavour so you can still taste the banana and pineapples (:

so sore from dance ):

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