Thursday, February 27, 2014

decided to go zumba today. it's not as tiring as i thought, just super sweaty since there's close to no breaks, and just continuous jumping etc for 1 hour. the air con was on, but my face was super red...should've gone in the summer to get ""toned". a lot of the people were all mums, and the person was like "if you can't keep up, go home and cook dinner" haha, which makes sense since it was about dinner time.

you know how yesterday i was supposed to go to uni by 8.30am, and i left the house at 7ish, but made it to uni at 9, but today i left 8ish, and got there well before 10am. now i know the week before uni starts that i can make 10am classes. TOO BAD I HAVE FIVE 9AM STARTS.

got a bit more quality freebies today. it was sooo quiet today, but i remember last year it wasn't as quite. probably cause of the rain, but it didn't rain yesterday and it was quite...oops, forgot to sign up for bible study...


Taronga zoo's "Zoo Mobile" came today! didn't have a chance to look at all the turtles/lizards etc since they let the short beaked echidna go loose! and we could touch it (: it started to rain hard shortly after, so didn't look at the other animals, but it's sooo cute! yep, it's spiky lol. apparently they have a short beak, but their tongues are about 40cm long.

so nice seeing people for a while (: that computing thing where you copy and paste stuff and it changes to simplified words is actually pretty useful (if only i could understand and use it lol). i guess if you submit stuff to turn it in, the percentage would be a lot less.

2 other "cheap" bags to be chucked out. the rrp isn't even that cheap since they're branded, but the material they are made of is cheap. i totally understand all those uni students investing in quality bags. there are some branded bags which are made not to be brought to uni since they're probably too small, but there are other "high class" brands which have good sized totes and quality material. it's so embarrassing carrying around a broken bag ): #lifeofapoorunistudent

watched a bit of the amazing race during dinner. wow, the american one is up to its 24th race/season with "all stars". i actually recognise some of the teams! it was one of my favourite shows during primary and early high school, and the host hasn't actually aged that much either! really love that guy, haha. the aus amazing race can't be compared, we just don't have the sort of money for these type of shows.

it sucks how modern family and glee starts just before uni starts ):

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