Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Not your average pancakes and toast

couldn't find anything in the fridge i wanted to eat for lunch today, so it was the perfect time to make some single serving recipes from another insta account: nourishnotpunish. story behind this girl was that she suffered from anorexia etc, but now eating healthily

buckwheat pancakes with caramelised bananas

this looks like sludge...yeah, i'm pretty bad with presentation. i cut the banana up into random sized pieces =/ and i haven't flipped pancakes in a while, so it was originally a circle but....anyways, pancake mis was super simple: 1/4 cup buckwheat flour, 1/4 almond milk, 1 tbs cacao. didn't haven any mesquite powder so i just omitted it. i was a bit skeptical about buckwheat and almond milk, but it turned out to be a pretty good batter! fried the single serving pancake off with 1 tsp coconut oil, much healthier than butter. also used that oil to caramelise my banana with a dash of honey and cinnamon. again, much healthier than caramelising bananas in a block of butter like they did in mkr tonight... yum, some crunchy caramelised bits. the pancake was really filling, probably because of the buckwheat, and bananas fill you up as well. if you've never had cacao before, it has a bitter taste like dark choc, so the caramelised bananas added sweetness to the pancakes and there wasn't any need for extra honey/jam. 

coconut french toast

i didn't want to waste the little bit of coconut oil in the pan, so tried to do a healthy version of french toast. it kinda worked...ok, not as well as i expected it to. i didn't use plain/thick bread, but she used guten free normal sized bread. also, my bread came from the fridge... egg wash: 1 egg, cinnamon, dash of almond milk, 1 tsp vanilla essence, then dipped the bread into it and then coated with shredded coconut. second piece of bread didn't really have enough egg wash...and since the pan didn't have enough oil, it didn't really crisp up and become golden, and a tad bit of the egg cooked =/ but it still smelt nice (: and this is healthier than using heaps of butter to fry it. i totally understand what all those mc/mkr contestants mean by "keeping an eye on it". i had some random bits of coconut i wanted to toast so i put them in the pan for about a sec then turned off the heat and packed some stuff away. nek minnit the shredded coconut is a dark brown since the pan was still hot =/ i just had a slice of the toast (i try to not eat as much at home, usually it fails...)

zumbo had free tim tams at the star today and was apparently signing/taking photos! last time he was at rozelle for 1 hour only scooping ice cream, so no time for photos...but ceebs going out to the star just for free tim tams since they predicted torrential rains in the city in the arvo. and i think i'm kinda banned from buying tim tams since a couple of times my mum stocked up on them when they were half price, but almost all the time they expire before we even get through half the stash...and my bro and i aren't massive tim tam fans either....

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