Saturday, March 1, 2014

Better's Party

so lovely seeing everyone before uni starts! tbh, i won't have a social life once uni starts ):

lovely decorations by Better and Dandelion. 

food (: 

ate at least 6 things i wasn't supposed to have....massive cheat day on all levels. way too much sugar....but i wanted to try all the flavours of soft drink! there were 9, and some i've had before, but there were 2 i have yet to try. thanks Better for all your effort!

adriano zumbo tim tams-finally!

thanks JB-Hi5 for bringing them! been wanting to try one for so long. definitely couldn't have a full one of each flavour (nor am i supposed to have so much chocolate) why not break them up and try them? favourite is definitely salted caramel-i just love it! a not too sweet caramel flavour when you bite into it, then once you get the after taste of the salt-it's so cool! the raspberry centre wasn't that strong and looked really artificially bright pink, luckily the white choc wasn't super sweet...the choc brownie wasn't that special. it was like a chocolate flavour/sweetness between normal sweet tim tams and slightly less sweet dark tim tams. photos for Happy Apple:

cake! those piping skills <3

that candle...

love those layers!

i really like layered cakes, and i think i'm the only one who likes fondant icing, it has a slightly chewy texture and is filled with sugar. i secretly have a sweet tooth, but refined sugar is just fattening in general, and i think i'm supposed to be cutting down on my sugar intake...hence tonight was super cheat day. the piping (even those it's buttery fat) is really good since it's not sweet and has real raspberries, giving it texture since you can feel those raspberry bits. the cake itself is nice and not sweet (well not sweet compared to normal cakes). when i was younger and baked with my mum, she would used to put olive oil into cakes since it was healthier, until during high school i started to put more butter to make it more delicious, but after all those healthy inspirational posts on instagram, it's back to more natural forms of less fattening stuff with more health benefits like coconut oil/honey. on TWP, they have a recipe to make sugarless and butter less frosting. it's made out of coconut cream (which does gas fats, but it's less fattier compared to pure butter fat/sugar...).

i think i'm the only one who doesn't have Skype (yet has conformed to every other thing, lol).


  1. Yay! Thanks! The raspberry piping was good, wasn't it?

    This is weird but I consider butter alright. It doesn't have additives or anything and saturated fat is important to the body, too!

    1. haha, i still can't help but think i'm consuming fat (even though its delicious) :P