Sunday, February 23, 2014


thanks for coming guys, esp Happy Apple all the way from Lithgow (: so lovely seeing everyone! can't believe i actually woke up before 7-earliest i've woken up since forever i.e. finals last year.

i don't think i was mentally prepared for today. i was just like, paintball on Sunday, whatever, but only until i actually got there all i could think was pain, pain, pain. seeing some really big aussie/middle easternish guys who looked quite pro with extra bandanas and gloves, i was like they are going to be ruthless. luckily they put our group with the other "small" group who also had a decent amount of girls.

the thing i was most scared about is that people "accidentally" hitting you closer than 5m=bleeding and bruising. there's not much you can do if a random person next to you accidentally shoot the last game of capture the flag where the people guarding it was right next to the flag, so even if you could go close, you'd most likely be hit within 5m...the gun was heavier than i thought, and my hand has a few cuts etc, but then when i play laser tag, my skin sometimes also peels off from pulling the trigger too much. i think 100 paintballs for us was enough to get a feel and experience what paintball is like. i hid most of the time trying not to get hit lol. walked away without too much pain, biggest bruise i have is about 6cm is not a pretty sight, and its painful to touch (and slowly forming a lump =/). weird thing is i don't remember getting hit there...quite a few paintballs bounced off me as well, which actually surprisingly hurts. there's around 7 arenas, and we went to 3, which i think is pretty decent for the amount we paid.

probably won't be going again for a long while...

spontaneous lunch at El Jannah! first time (: i pass it sometimes , but never have actually gone into it...i think we over a whole chicken w/ bread, garlic, pickles-$19.90 a roll each-i got the lahme which had lamb, hommus, parsley, pickles, onion, tomato-$7.50, 2 large chips-$6 each, 2 garlic sauces-$3 each. people are right-the garlic sauce is amazing! it doesn't look pretty on a plate, but it tastes sooo garlicy. it's not like eating a raw garlic (which is pretty gross if you haven't tried), and it's not smooth like aioli, but it was still creamy and delicious (: kept dipping into it for everything we ate, but it seemed never ending. $3 is pretty good, compared to places like ribs and rumps where you get this little tiny serving of sauce and you've already finished your sauce but half the meal is still there. this charcoal chicken isn't as heavily seasoned as nando's which is good since you can dip it into the sauce, and definitely not as dark which is a plus (since whenever there's burnt/dark bits, i just think it's cancerous and try to take it off...). i would've preferred the chips without chicken salt, but they still tasted good. like even my brother liked the food i brought home-he usually never cares about whatever food i eat/bring back home, even if it's gourmet style/expensive desserts. like at glass brasserie, all he wanted to do was hurry and eat and go home. he's also a picky eater, so for him to say that this sauce was nice and actually still eat it after i brought it home is saying something.

was so tired during service today, but it was pretty interesting since the pastor today did a "re-mix" of a song with words changed from a passage to make it easier to understand this particular part. also, apparently during my mum's service, the chinese pastor said one of the biggest news this morning was whatsapp crashing. no wonder why some messages i was supposed to receive early in the morning around 7am came through at about 11.30am! like even if i don't have internet/in poor reception, the time still comes up as the time the person sends it once you connect to internet.

noo, winter olympics are ending, guess it is time to head back to uni, which i am no where near ready D= everyone go to this link and sign this petition! read on the news that the site crashed because of this petition, so then i thought this is worth signing up for. it's about wanting to make the olympics women skating scores open. apparently for the women figure skating, 4/14 judges were russian, which is really unfair imo, considering how many countries participate in the olympics.

australia's dance has changed so much, after a 4 year break. 4th season this year: new host, new judges, new stage. like the judges aren't sitting to the side anymore like the original american version, they're now sitting directly in front with no long table-they have these small swivel tables. also no small "mosh pits" at the front. surprised they didn't start pairing people up first week, i thought they went straight into pairs for the first week...but you can tell after 4 years of no sytycd aus, that they've saved some money to make the production better, like already, the dances have quite a few props etc and are actually quite good to watch. yay for international choreographers! i.e american choreographers since aus can never compare to them. they have 10 seasons so far and going to be an 11th soon, pretty impressive.

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