Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Devon Cafe

finally had time to go Devon Cafe! what i love about this cafe is that it's so close to central and no hill to walk up! we went at an awkward time when we had to order from the breakfast menu straightaway, or wait till 12 for the lunch menu. i think the kitchen people were on their lunch break. so we could only order drinks for that time. should've came in earlier-their lunch menu is shorter than the breakfast menu! luckily the thing i wanted was on both menus. actually, the lunch menu is just a smaller menu with about 1/2 the options they have for brekkie. the special today was some sort of sandwich, but i never order sandwiches outside (unless it's included in high tea), since you can make you own gourmet or club sandwich at home.


the coffee was alright. it tasted more like a normal cap, but with a hint of dark chocolate.

breakfast with the sakuma's: salmon, eel croquette, 63 degree egg, radish salad, kepi mayonniase-$24.50

finally had a 63 degree egg! i've been watching so much Masterchef over the years, and not many place have 63 degree eggs, so i knew i had to try this dish! yum, the yolk oozed out and the egg white was runnyish as well. with poached eggs, the yolk does ooze out, but not as nicely as the 63 degrees and the egg white is more cooked. salmon was cooked well. the croquette was yum, a bit different since it has rice in it, but it wasn't too oily even though it was deep-fried. they have the same plates as The Grounds, but their signature colour is red whilst The Grounds is teal blueish colour for their coffee.

had a bit of the Heirloom salad which was beautifully stacked together. i would've preferred the balsamic vinegar to have a stronger kick. 

the guy there was so friendly, it was kinda weird. there was supposed to be $1.50 change, but i think they thought we were giving tips lol. 
four scoops: cookies and cream, burnt creme caramel, green tea, chocolate mud cake $14.50

first time at passionflower, actually first time paying for passionflower. i've had lychee rose, black sesame and another flavour free at O-week last year. people wanted something sweet, so four scoops is a lot cheaper than 1 scoop for $6. passionflower is a bit more expensive compared to other places, and i think it's ok but not creamy compared to Movenpick. i guess it really depends on personal preferences. cookies and cream tasted like Bulla's one, just not as sugary, burnt creme caramel was kinda like toffee-would've preferred it to have some crunchy bits. green tea could've been more bitter, but it was still nice. since everyone picked a flavour, i couldn't tell the person not to choose chocolate. i never get chocolate just by itself. this one was alright, again not too sweet. 

got $10 off a phone case. first time buying a phone case in aus, but when your diary gives you $10, why not use it? i think the case is really cute, but it's the most "unproductive" compared to my other cases and is the thickest. also bought branded notebooks today for uni. the designs of the covers with more pages aren't as pretty, so for the thinner notebooks, i made sure i got the Disney, since trademark/copyrighted stuff always cost a tad more.

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