Sunday, February 2, 2014

i normally love going to airports, but not when it's not me whose going on a plane. what happened to the international airport? since when did it not have signs (outside at the drop off zones) of which the airlines corresponding to the check in counters...

i was got myself excited since going to international airport meant i could try Mak Mak Macarons where they have a special flavour just for the airport. turns out their store is on the other side of security. so i have to wait until i'm going on a plane overseas....passed the store in Newtown the other day, but parking etc was too annoying.

mince meat and cheese-$4.95

i don't know why but i decided to get a pie for lunch. first time having Pie Face. nothing special about it apart from the face. it was really salty, more than frozen pies =/

the house is once again quiet.

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