Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Macadamia and Caramel Cheesecake

really love this recipe from twp. a cheeseless, butterless, biscuitless cheesecake. the base is made out of sunflower seeds, shredded coconut, coconut oil and honey. love the base since it does taste like a cheesecake base, and it's nut free so good for people allergic to nuts. also doesn't have as much carbs content compared to biscuits. next time i'll probably make 2/3 of the actual quantities to have a thinner base.

the filling is macadamias, coconut oil, coconut cream, honey (since i don't have brown rice syrup), vanilla essence (don't have extract) and lemon juice. i was scared that the nut's would severely scratch my bonder, but it was fine. it was quite a creamy mixture, but in the end it set because of the coconut oil. it's still quite rich, but nowhere as heavy as last time's no bake cheesecake. coconut cream still has fats, but it's better than just cream cheese and butter. you can modify the filling by blending in frozen berries and bananas to make it nut free and healthy (:

the caramel is blended meedjol dates and coconut cream. i hate blending dates since they stick together yet still not blended properly. times like this i wish i had a food processor or a $2k thermomix...dates are naturally sweet, so this caramel was quite sweet, but not as sweet as your typical caramel of sugar and butter. this cheesecake is technically sugar free since i didn't had any refined white/brown sugar unlike last time. so healthy and guilt free (: only natural sugar/fats.

it set!

there's a heart shaped hole at the bottom which i kinda think is cute.

i actually had trouble "plating" this cheesecake since the original recipe had drizzled the caramel over so it was slightly dripping, but my blender isn't powerful enough to make the caramel thin out. the recipe also gave the option of swirling the caramel into the filling, but i liked the pale cream colour without the caramel. so in the end i just kinda spread the caramel over...

i would also like to mention (if i haven't already) that winter olympics have the most confusing scoring systems. like those ski slope jumps where you "fly" for about 100m. even if you jumped the furthest you might not win since you get added and taken away points for wind and gate compensation...then like in figure skating there's two main components, but to get to that component there's different levels of tricks, which score differently. in some heats of snowboard cross, they don't release you're times, you just have to be top 3/4 in your heat to proceed to next round. something like aerials, which is like diving, except twice as more twists and turns and over 10x more dangerous since you're 4 stories high and you land on snow not water, and you can't repeat tricks/jumps.  there's around 6 judges who score, but the total score isn't the combined total, they factor in the difficulty then some formula thing to get the final total score. most summer olympics sports are just based on time.

so lovely to see people tonight, even though food was super unhealthy, haha. it's good to just catchup and talk (: and thanks again dandelion for the rose <3

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