Saturday, February 15, 2014

Taste of Shanghai

this morning the optom couldn't make it since she had a car accident =/ meaning we had to reschedule appointments and there wasn't much to do apart from cleaning and fixing stuff...

went to Taste of Shanghai for friend;s birthday. ordered a decent amount, but the pan fried buns seemed like they were continuously coming since we ordered 8 plates-i had about 4 of them myself, hehe. i think i ate a lot, heaps of dumplings/wontons, noodles, rice, meat, dessert/fried stuff. at $23 a person tonight, i think it was decent. i think the city once is a tad bit less oily than when i went to the Eastwood one beginning of last year. they gave us an extra bowl of wontons since we got the bill already, but an extra bowl appeared (:

this was the beginning of food arriving, the food kept coming for a while (:

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