Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ribs and Rumps Take 2

i think i'm at the point in life where birthdays are becoming overrated. another 21st dinner tonight, but just a dinner not party. it gets me thinking, i used to love parties and birthdays, but hosting massive parties cost thousands, and i don't even think people will come since i hardly have any friends. then the awkward moment of speeches-like i don't have anything funny/interesting for other people to talk about. i'd rather save up money for my wedding instead of spending big on a 21st. which is why i think just "dinner" is good, since people just pay for what they order. then again, there's not as much atmosphere if it's just a dinner like tonight and last nights...

went to the north ride (which is basically in macquarie park) ribs and rumps. there was over 30 of us, and even though we didn't hire the room, they gave it to us which is nice of them (: there was also a tv, and yay winter olympics. i do not understand snowboard cross, from individual times, to small finals, big finals, heats, qualifications, semi finals etc-so confusing. no idea how it works.

i think it's because it's a sunday night and the restaurant was pretty packed that tonight didn't compare at all to last time when i went for Bitter's birthday. that time was a lot nicer, things had more flavour/well marinated, the meat wasn't tough and only just warm. 

220g rump steak with mash-$22 and mushroom sauce $3

yeah, it was pretty disappointing. i guess I'm used to a massive piece of meat, i know it's only 220g, but this definitely wasn't worth $22. i've had pretty decent non chewy rump steaks before which were much larger for just $10. even though it was cooked medium rare and pink inside, the quality of the meat was on the tough side. other people had sirloins which is a slightly better cut of meat, but apparently it was pretty tough as well. the mash didn't have a lot of potato flavour, just a lot of salt. the mushroom sauce wasn't really mushroomy and was only warm. the chips weren't that nice either. i'm not sure if it's the north ryde one or just a lot of people tonight, but this was a rip off, a lot of other people agreed as well. other people have come to the north ryde one before and they said the steaks were better there, so i guess it's the amount of people...also, there is close to no parking there, have to park at other places around the offices there. weirdest place to have a ribs and rumps restaurant...

i miss high class potato mash and my scotch fillet steaks! even though it's super fattening, higher class places just ace the mash with the buttery, creamy potato fatness goodness. and those melt in your mouth steaks are just to die for (:

long room

at least there was cake which was from my local patisserie (:

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