Saturday, January 19, 2013

aww yeah!!! straight sets! not so confident are you tomic? but i guess when fed retires, i'll probs be rooting for him since he's the best aus person (which is really bad compared to other countries)

it's matches like monfils vs simon right now which are more exciting/you get more worth for your money. like their 71 shots. wowowow. commentators were like "don't think sharapova even got 71 shots in her first two matches" so true since she won 6-0 twice. the only funny thing they have said. i get why they get the same commentators for the big matches, cause they actually commentate. the commentators right now, esp the french guy are really bad, like bad. don't know what they're talking about.

started a puzzle which i started and stopped doing 10 years ago. it's 1000 pieces but there are only four shapes =/ my piece of cardboard is too small ):

moving furniture to puzzle and watch tennis at the same time.
chilling in style.

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