Friday, January 18, 2013

sharapova played so lovely tonight (: i really like pretty much everything about her (except for her grunts), but her physique is amazing! so rich off the court as well.

djokovic is pretty good, but i still think federer is better, considering his age and he's still in top 4 and played through his injuries which were luckily not major.

and i started to like tomic, except not anymore after his press talk about how he's soo confident he'll beat federer. no way. he won't. yay fed!

last day of kids fun days today. it's not as "emotional" the 3rd time compared to the 1st.

i have the worst timetable. ever. just read icedtree's tips from his sister. BUT I CAN'T AVOID HAVING A BAD TIME. like there's these lab stuff and they're alll at 4 or later. so some days i have to leave at 6. and if i try to move stuff, they just don't fit. and all the lectures for my course have times that they specify in a group and you have three choices, but none fit in. like with my course, times to choose stuff are very, very restrictive.

i think i'll go and buy a ground pass if i won't watch the match.

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