Monday, January 7, 2013


went to my first orchestra today (: people are so talented.

it was the hk southern district something something 2013 orchestra. had free tickets (: first two performances were like high school and primary school kids, but after that, people were pro.

finally saw some pro cello acts and now i understand. you can't even catch up with their hand and bow movements. i love how all the strings move uniformly. there was also an 11 year old conductor. SHE HAD SO MUCH ATTITUDE, and she liked so pro. kind of funny though cause she was like conducting people triple/double her age.

can't really understand formal canto, it's just they use words which are just used in formal situations. and apparently there were people there equivalent to the prime minister, but not sure who..

nice experienc (:

and before that i went to an island of hk and saw another beach! it was nicer but obviously not as nice as aus beaches. had so much chinese pudding stuff of various flavours there. oh, i quite like ferries.

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