Thursday, January 24, 2013

yay seeing everyone after so long (:
thank you shirley for the bag of goodies! so thoughtful ((:

dad coming back from melbourne tonight. if only he moved his business trip 3 days back, then i would be able to have free accommodation and free food!

aww sharapova ): no chance of seeing you irl. at least she'll keep on playing for now, i think. women matches are less predictable. they are heaps less consistent compared to men. like sharapova went out 1st round last year.

no 5 setters tonight for djokovic ): really wanted him tired for finals.

i hate how i cant use mobile data for stuff without whatsapp automatically downloading all the messages you haven't read once you turn on mobile data.


  1. Correction went out in first round aus open 2010

  2. my bad =/ i just remember she went out first round and it was disappointing