Wednesday, January 9, 2013


third time going to hk disneyland. i haven't met an australian who has gone to the hk one for three times.

first time going with dad. first time going with no relatives. first time going after christmas. first time being the 11th person on space mountain and 23rd on the new rollercoaster.

it's not bad going after christmas. hardly have to line up. even entering and the shows always have space. i like it (: the shows are only half filled and the rides with fastpasses are useless since waiting time is only 5mins. only taking photos w/ pooh bear and mickey took 15mins and this ride thing took 20-30mins which i already went on before. mainly foreigners and mainland china people came. hardly any hk people there. didn't see anyone my age apart from foreigners. yay, went on a good day (: and the weather wasn't too hot/cold.

toy story land is so cool! real life toy story toys in giant size. you could recognise stuff from the movies, and it's so colourful and happy (:

didn't go on all the children rides and i still haven't been on the train. it's cause they close earlier than normal during non-peak times, and my bro didn't want to go with me on the children rides so we just did all the rollercoasters again 2/3 times. the new ones are pretty good. not scary, just fun, since we didn't hear anyone talk about it moving backwards (unlike the scoobydoo one in movieworld where it moves backwards and i already heard that like back in yr it kind of spolit the surprise). the toy story land still isn't complete ): and mystic point, the only one in the world, opens later this year, so i have to wait until my 4th hk disneyland trip for that.

and yay for my cousin working there for super cheap tickets and half price merchandise (: my parents spent an hour buying stuff...

but we managed to fit in all the shows (: the 4d one isn't as good since the smell of the blueberry pie isn't as strong. the parade was pretty good and so were the fireworks, even though they weren't xmas themed. i love how each burst of fireworks matched the music.

it was fun, but not as fun as the first time (for obvious reasons).

is it wierd to crave to go on a scary rollercoaster? last scary one was back in yr7 when we went Japan, and went on the highest rollercoaster back then. only 13, but i'm pretty sure it won't be scary for me anymore. one of my dad's were like: "if you really love scary rollercoasters, go to china and look to see if it's going to break/a screw is coming off, then you know it's scary". last time i went mainland, my mum didn't let me go on china's rollercoasters since most of them aren't build properly/insurance stuff probs won't cover and it's actually dangerous. i guess ocean park is still not scary, but the rollercoasters are bigger there.

i still love disney (:

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  1. The train is awfully boring. My sister and I sat on it for a while when it was raining lol