Sunday, January 20, 2013

tennis over masterchef

i am so engrossed in the tennis, i forgot masterchef professionals premiered today.

tbh, i want djokovic to win, despite how much i don't like him, since i want federer in the finals, and i might as well see nole in real life as he is no.1 i want his autograph as i might not see him again and i want to see fed irl before he retires. he seriously has aged a lot. \

also, its strange how nole is wearing uni qlo since it's japanese. obviously he's getting more money from it. the only other guy i've seen wearing uni qlo is the jap guy who lost to ferrer. uni qlo is like th Japanese Zara. except i went through the stores over ten times and didn't find anything i like. their down jackets are super light, except i don't wear down jackets.

whatsapp is really good.

i still have not unloaded my suitcase.

a month later i realised that my neighbours have a small dog. so far i haven't heard it bark.

oh, and my stuff is everywhere right now, even more messier than trials, which were neater than hsc.

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