Sunday, January 13, 2013


i love planes, but not when i'm sick. and this time i'm sick, sick. my bro's been coughing for the past few weeks, so i guess it was lucky that i got sick on the last day rather than during the trip.

FIRST TIME SPENDING A MONTH IN HK! goal achieved. other times we go mainland china plus another country, which leaves less than2 weeks for my own personal time. this time i could finally choose where to go (: and choose which relatives to meet.

took 8gb of photos, towards the end, i had to limit myself from taking too many photos.

there are more crying babies on the way back. this happened last time as well.

ended up purchasing an extra luggage. all the big stuff were 22 point something, so no overweight items (: now that i think about it, i did buy a lot. since i have bought something every single day.

so tired, will talk about other stuff when i have the energy. it feels good to be back on my mac (: and lucky today isn't that hot.

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